Randominoes: mobile phone optimized blog and Al “Crypto” Fish

28 10 2008

My friend “Al ‘Crypto’ Fish alias IUnknownPointer told me about a way to see my cartoons in mobile phone. Default view from wordpress is not friendly, it seems. You may want to use the following link while browsing in your mobile bone.


For some background


Randominoes: free cartoon/comic fonts…

27 09 2008

Found some really cool free cartoon/comic lettering fonts. Out of all fonts to date, I love these things the most. Thanx to those nice folks who made them available. Few of them are from comix masters themselves. Some links below:

Blambot – Quite a few nice looking comic fonts for free. Some of them are OpenType. Grab them. Blambot supplies so many free that they found a place in my blogroll.

Hans has supplied links to some freely available comic fonts

Randominoes: Changed the theme

23 09 2008

Just changed the look of this blog. Wanted to change theme for sometime now. I will tweak it more tomorrow. I would be happy to get your inputs on this. I’ll try few other looks too. who am I talking to?

Wacom Intuos3 is here.

10 09 2008

Received the tablet baby and also a big hole in my wallet; Corel Painter Essentials came bundled with it; Tried few strokes and drooled; Like with all new things, took care of wiping off minute dust particles and contemplated on keeping a cleaning liquid nearby all the time; Well, like with all new things, soon this excitement will wear down and a little grime here and there will be ignored. I know it, but can’t help with immense urge to clean when the product is brand new.

alrite, time to explore it further and get used to the baby.

Mike Lynch made me fly…high

6 09 2008

Mike Lynch, one of the best cartoonist, commented on my post “One day in war museum“. This launched me on a euphoric trip for sometime; High on Cirrus clouds. I follow Mike and many others daily through my RSS feeds. Unfortunately, I never had time to upload the blogroll here. I should take some time and update it.

side note: Unlike American/British Toonists, well known cartoonists in India have only recently started their activities on the net and this still has to gain momentum. Not many follow this field to become main stream professionals; This is mainly, I believe,  because of lack of awareness and guidance from elders… (woes to be continued in some future post. I’ll stop here.)

Thindipendence 2008 – Ad Campaign

4 09 2008

Thindipendence Day 2008 (thindi=food [Kannada], independence=no dependence;freedom;death) happening at Infineon India on 5th September 2008; Culinary competition of employees. Here are adverts of my team (Click on thumbnails to see them enlarged).

Randominoes-Ordered Wacom Intuos3

4 09 2008

Just ordered Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet. Eagerly awaiting its arrival. Coloring of my cartoons, hopefully, becomes better.