Apart from developing software and debugging it, I draw cartoons and cook up fun which is indigestible for many and passes through bowels unhindered for others; Only few can digest and have a laugh while some others laugh and then try to digest. My thoughts are mostly non sequitur, twisted and so are my writings.

If you think the cartoons are humorous, good, bad, disgusting, crass or whatever, consider commenting. I appreciate your feedback. Your feedback also makes me feel great and would encourage me to spew more toxic fumes into the atmosphere. If you want to make use of the cartoons, please send me a mail.

I’ll also do commissioned work (with India Ink on 250gsm heavy cartridge papers). So if you want to display cartoons on your walls, you know whom to ask πŸ™‚ I’ll sketch for the rich.

Disclaimer: My cartoons are fictional. Any resemblance to any person, animal, plant, insects, organic/inorganic materials and for that matter anything and everything which is alive, dead, semi-dead, in coma, on the way to burials, dug out of burials, pharaohs, zombies, etc. is purely coincidental and metamorphical (if this word makes any sense)

Goozy Dumps creator...

Goozy Dumps creator...

I HAVE NOW MOVED TO MY OWN DOMAIN: http://www.simianart.com
Visit SIMIAN ART for latest cartoons.

6 responses

5 11 2008

Loved your blog and cartoons ….! πŸ™‚
so i hoped i would just put up a comment here..
would be coming back…

5 11 2008

Thanks Arjun. Comments act as fuel. The keep me going.

25 11 2008

Love your comics, especially the Randominoes!

Where can we contact you regarding your artwork? I couldn’t find your contact details on this blog. Could you please drop me a test mail on meerasapra (at) toondoo dot com

thanks and keep up the great work!


25 11 2008

Hi Meera I can be reached at narasimha dot vedala at gmail dot com

10 08 2009
S Howard

May i use your Galileo cartoon for an article i am writing on Galileo?

10 08 2009

Sure Howard. Go ahead and use it πŸ™‚
Thanks for the request. I appreciate that.

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