Spiderman 2 – Doc Octopus finds out…

4 09 2008

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In hurry to save, Spiderman leaves a trail…

4 09 2008

Protected: Spiderman – Untold Tales 9 (rated PG13)

11 08 2008

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Spiderman – Untold Tales 8

8 08 2008

One day close to Manhattan midtown, Spiderman, with no crime in sight, does high speed swings for thrill. And then…. click on the image to enlarge. (Idea: Manu Varma, Artist: u know who 🙂

High speed swings in Manhattan...

High speed swings in Manhattan...

Spiderman – Untold Tales 7

7 08 2008
Cursed day in the toilet
Cursed day in the toilet

Click on the image to see it enlarged.