Wacom Intuos3 is here.

10 09 2008

Received the tablet baby and also a big hole in my wallet; Corel Painter Essentials came bundled with it; Tried few strokes and drooled; Like with all new things, took care of wiping off minute dust particles and contemplated on keeping a cleaning liquid nearby all the time; Well, like with all new things, soon this excitement will wear down and a little grime here and there will be ignored. I know it, but can’t help with immense urge to clean when the product is brand new.

alrite, time to explore it further and get used to the baby.

Randominoes-Ordered Wacom Intuos3

4 09 2008

Just ordered Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet. Eagerly awaiting its arrival. Coloring of my cartoons, hopefully, becomes better.