PM Manmohan Singh…

6 08 2008
Prime Minister of India...

Prime Minister of India...

That’s it! Armed with knowledge from the best tutorial on the web, caricatures by Tom Richmond, I got over my inertia and fear of drawing faces and sketched this caricature from my memory and with 2B mech. pencil.
Click on the image to see it enlarged.



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7 08 2008

I think this is great. I have studied art for many years and thiough I am able to teach it , I have never tried to compete and do new things…”fear is your captor.” I love this. great work

8 08 2008

Thanks a lot Marc. I totally agree fear is the worst thing and makes you freeze before a blank paper. Now I understand what Vincent Van Gogh meant by “Just dash something down if you see a blank canvas staring at you with a certain imbecility. …”

I used to buy canson art papers and just stack them for the fear of screwing up on these costly ones :p
Now I’m destroying them with pencils.

16 03 2011

Great work… looks simple…but carries the crux.
Out of curiosity, how many month did u learn?

Any tips, websites, books?

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